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Long-due entry


A lot has been going on since we last posted an entry… We have been very busy planning our wedding and everything. There’s only 3 months to go, and I wish we had more time left!

Anyhow, our vegan lifestyle has been challenged. It was my birthday last month and we went to this amazing hotel in Old Montreal and we had a blast. They offered free breakfast at the restaurant, which was pretty sweet. However… When looking at the menu, NOTHING was vegan, maybe except toast.

We decided to do a test to see how our bodies would react to animal products. I had an omelette, and Matthew had eggs as well if I remember correctly.

It didn’t take long until we started feeling sick, bloated, and just plain weird. Not sure if this was psychological or not, but we definitely felt less good than usual. I also had a rash, due to the dairy in my omelette.

Moral of the story? We will never cheat again! Well actually, that isn’t true. I am very ashamed to admit we cheated once or twice more. I had honey with lemon herbal tea to treat my sore throat, and Matthew had chicken wings once. But boy, he got really sick afterwards…

As for me, I am a bit on the fence about honey. I’m not a big fan of it, but I don’t believe it should be avoided like dairy and eggs and such. Also, I could have probably replaced it with agave syrup, but the problem is that it doesn’t have the antibacterial and antiseptic properties honey has.

Anyhow, on a completely different topic, a good friend made me discover about a vegan blog/recipe website, Fatfree Vegan. It’s like a goldmine! Most of the recipes are ultra simple and I cannot wait to try them out! Only reason right now I can’t is that it’s way too damn hot right now and a lot of cooking/baking is entirely out of the question, obviously.

Which is why I’ve been drinking smoothies a lot lately, and eating light meals like salads mostly. I kind of want it to get a bit cooler so I can start cooking again.

So there you have it folks! We will be posting more, so stay tuned! I plan to try a lot of recipes from that site!


Daily Challenges For A (New) Vegan…


Since Matthew and I went vegan, grocery shopping got a little bit more complicated. Unless it’s advertised as “vegan”, we need to check the label of pretty much anything, looking for dairy, honey, or any animal-derived products. The latter is a list of anything from tryglycerides,  lactose… Even good ole white sugar isn’t technically vegan, because of the bone char used to whiten the sugar.

What to do!?

Well, it implies a lot of lifestyle changes. Some easier than others. I never really liked honey, for example, so I had no issue taking it out of my diet. Besides, I found agave nectar tastes way better anyway, and Matthew has quickly replaced the sugar in his tea with it. We also try to eat as little processed foods as possible. We cook a LOT more as well. And speaking of which, you find vegan alternatives for muffins and cakes and pies. You can replace eggs with apple sauce. The Viva Vegan shop uses chick peas in their cupcakes. It can be done.

For snacks, however… We were looking at the list of ingredients on the back of a bag of chips, and some of them contain lactose. Lactose comes from milk/dairy. Not very vegan friendly. Gummy bears contain gelatin (as do most jelly candies), and that’s definitely not vegan either. In a way, it’s a blessing since I don’t give in to temptation as much, and so I don’t consume as much refined sugar (which is bad for you anyway!).

All this change paid off, though. I recently found out I was allergic to dairy – my chiropractor told me about it years ago, but I refused to believe him, because I’m stubborn and thought that it couldn’t be possible. I stopped consuming dairy over 3 weeks ago, and since then, the skin rashes I’ve been getting since as far as I can remember, disappeared completely! I also feel a lot less gassy and bloated. That’s what dairy does to ya. I also dropped 5 lbs, and probably more since the last time I weighted myself. I have never felt healthier and better about myself.

All in all, absolutely worth it. 🙂