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Raspberry-Flavoured Cultured Almond Milk by Amande



I saw this product awhile back and was extremely curious about it. I had tried cultured coconut milk in the past, but my problem with it was the coconut aftertaste that took over. The vanilla flavour with the coconut did not mix too well, and was way too strong. Since I loved yogurt back when I ate dairy, I was looking for something that would really replace it, without some kind of aftertaste.

Well, I think I found it. Amande (French for almond) is a company that produces cultured almond milk. If you take a look at their website, they have a few flavours. I loved raspberry yogurt so I saw raspberry-flavoured cultured almond milk and decided to give it a try. The great thing with Amande is that it’s (obviously) vegan, dairy free, gluten free, no GMO, fruit juice sweetened and has 6 live active cultures (Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. rhamnosus, L. casei, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Bifidobacterium bifidum).

My verdict? Absolutely delicious! Since it is sweetened with fruit juice, it wasn’t overly sweet, which I really enjoyed. It had a little bit of a nutty taste, which is to be expected since it IS cultured almond milk, after all – however, it was not overpowering like the cultured coconut milk I had. I am very curious to try the other flavours listed on their website, such as blueberry, peach, and plain.

I will be buying it again for sure!


Rice & Hazelnut Milk by Isola Bio


Yesterday I was browsing around at Fleur Sauvage, one of our favourite stores for vegan goodness, and I saw this. I had seen this awhile back, and wanted to try it…

The ingredients are very simple, and mostly organic (the ones with a *):

Water, whole Italian rice* (17%), hazelnut paste* (3%), agave syrup *(1%), cold pressed sunflower oil*, sea salt.

What really got me curious was the hazelnut paste. I’ve always LOVED hazelnuts, and it was the first time I’d see nondairy milk with some form of hazelnut in it. Also, no xantham gum. This is what usually makes me feel iffy about some nondairy beverages… It’s got a weird texture. I believe this is used to keep the drink ‘fresher’.

Notice how there isn’t xantham gum in that milk? Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference! First, you can definitely taste the hazelnut paste, and god it’s delicious! Also, the texture feels like actual dairy milk, it’s very velvety, soft, and nothing to do with other nondairy milks. I remember I said previously that coconut milk was the closest thing to cow milk, texture wise… I am afraid I was deadly wrong!

Because of the lack of xantham gum, however, it is preferable to consume all 750ml within 3 to 4 days. I’m fairly certain it won’t be much of a problem, because the stuff is really amazing. The only thing is that it’s rather expensive: $2.99, but I felt it was absolutely worth it, because it’s a high quality product. They have other combinations: rice-almond, rice-coconut, rice-quinoa (chocolated flavoured), and of course rice alone. I definitely want to try them all! Oh and it’s gluten-free!! How great is that?

Sunstart Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Coconut Cookies


Here we have yet another Gluten-Free food win. We got these at Viva Vegan the other day, because we were looking for something to have with tea. Sunstart has different flavours, but Coconut was the one that got us the most curious about.

For roughly a dozen cookies, you will pay $4. It is a bit less expensive than the cookies I posted about previously. They are also much tastier, in my opinion. They reminded me of butter cookies, with an extra coconut touch. These cookies literally melt in your mouth and are perfect with some Sencha green tea! I went through half of the box in one afternoon. They were that good! And then Matthew scolded me for not keeping any for him… Oops! ^_^

Ginger Snaps By Mary’s Organic Crackers Love Cookies


This is another nice find from Fleur Sauvage. These cookies are wheat-free and gluten-free. I have been told that a lot of the time, gluten-free foods taste horrible, or that the texture is funny. I actually didn’t notice they were gluten-free until I threw out the box! I should also mention they are vegan, but that was a giveaway. 😉

My favourite thing about the cookies is the spicy taste. I’ve had ginger snaps before, but none of them tasted as much like ginger like these ones. My only disappointment with this product is the price. $5 for a dozen of cookies is a bit high. Oh well, we barely get any candy or any other junk, so it’s a nice treat.

Matthew should post his review for their Chocolate Chip cookies sometime soon. I know he LOVED them. 😀

GoGo Quinoa Burger Mix


This is probably the best veggie burger Matthew and I have ever had… We found this product at our local organic grocery store, Ecollegey. I have seen a lot of recipes for veggie burgers made with portobello mushrooms, but seeing as we are both allergic to all mushrooms, we had to find an alternative. There are also bean burgers, which we will eventually try out.

GoGo Quinoa had the advantage of being a premade mix – you just add water, wait 5 minutes, make your patties, and cook them (on the pan or barbecue – latter would probably be best). Be careful not to add too much water because you won’t be able to use the stuff. Cook each side until golden brown-ish.

It’s also gluten-free, vegan and organic. I have been hearing and reading a lot about how a lot of people do not like gluten-free because it tastes weird. These burgers taste amazing, and you wouldn’t even know it’s gluten-free. Seriously. We also noticed they are a lot more filling than regular meat burgers, and definitely healthier. all it took was one veggie burger each! So basically, a win-win situation.

The box says it makes 5 big patties… That’s true. 5 BIG patties. Like, huge. What I usually do is take the amount I need and adjust the water required. I have to warn you, though, that the preparation is quite messy; but believe me, it’s absolutely worth it!

With some Vegenaise, tomatoes, fresh lettuce (that’s usually what I put in mine); or whatever else, it tastes amazing. It’s approximately $7 for the box, but when you do the math, it’s reasonable because it gives you 5 huge patties.

Ecoideas Coco Natura Coconut Spread


Last night, I was browsing around at my local organic grocery store, and came across this coconut spread. I had seen it before, but was turned off by its high price – $8.49, but let’s face it, it’s an “exotic” product.

Now, if you’re like me, when you think coconut, you see the white inside. Not brown, unless you’re talking about the outside. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it wouldn’t be good. Oh hell no. You’d be missing out on an amazing alternative to peanut butter. Or heck, even Nutella.

The product has a mollassy smell and texture. The taste? Rich, but not too sweet. It is made from three ingredients only: coconut milk, coconut sweetener (from coconut sap) and coconut “meat” (I assume that’s pulp? I am not sure). Gluten free, and vegan obviously. It is delicious on fresh bread, and I would be curious to try it on bananas, to replace Nutella. It sort of has a chocolatey taste without the chocolate. It’s really weird and hard to explain. It would probably be great with cake.

So, is it worth the price? Considering I barely buy any dessert or sweet treats anymore since I went vegan, you bet it is!