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Cheddar Style Wedge Daiya Cheese


Hi dear readers! I wish to apologize for another 2 months without any updates… As I might not have mentioned, Matthew Saliba and I are getting married in 40 days from today, and the preparation has kept the both of us very busy.

Here is a vegan food review of the Cheddar Style Wedge cheese by Daiya:

As much as I loved their shredded Mozzarella flavoured cheese, this one was a huge let down. First of all, the product was slippery and glossy, something I found kind of odd for wedge cheese. I still went ahead and cut a slice to try it, and see if it would taste somewhat close to what I remember cheddar tasting…

It was awful. The taste reminded me more of processed cheese (you know, Kraft Singles?), but with a strong after taste. I can’t point out exactly what it was, but I had to spit it out. This wedge just cost me $5 and I was very disappointed. And if I want processed cheese, I can name at least one rice-based product that was much better than this one. Such a shame though, because I had my hopes up for a Daiya product.

I might try the Havarti flavour with jalapeño and garlic, because then at least I would assume the cheese flavour wouldn’t be as strong, but I might be wrong again.

Stay tuned for more vegan food/recipes and reviews! While you are at it, why don’t you check out my fiance’s blog, THE CELERY STALKS AT MIDNIGHT? I would love you forever! 🙂


Tofurky Italian Sausage & Fire-Roasted Veggie Pizza



Hi guys!

Last night we tried our first vegan pizza ever. We were a little hesitating, since we aren’t big fans of faux meats, but it’s been forever since we’ve had pizza, and to be honest, it was one of the things I’ve been missing since having gone vegan. We first saw the Tofurky pizzas at Viva Vegan but since it’s a bit of a ride from our place, we didn’t want it to thaw out too much. Fleur Sauvage recently got these so we decided to give it a try.

Well, it was a hit! It’s got Daiya cheese, and it really melted on the pizza. The blend of spices in the sauce was pretty amazing, and we barely noticed the faux sausage. There was some zucchini in the toppings (not a fan of it cooked – I’d rather eat it raw with vegan taziki sauce, mmm!), but this didn’t bother me too much either. However, for $10, it was a bit on the small side – I thought I’d have enough for lunch tomorrow, but it was barely enough for just the two of us.

I’d be curious to try their other pizzas, but I haven’t seen them at Fleur Sauvage. We’ll keep an eye for them when we want a treat. 🙂