We, at Vegan Muffin, would like to give a shout-out to a Montreal-based animal shelter. We adopted Quagmire, a beautiful white with black spots kitten, from Petits Pawz. They are located in Verdun, Montreal, and are a no-kill shelter. Pets live with foster families (they are always looking for more, by the way), and not in a cage, until they are adopted.

I have several photos of Quagmire:

This little cutie was found in a hoarder’s small apartment along with 35 other cats, including a couple of mom cats giving birth at the same time. Most of them ate their babies, but Quagmire is the sole survivor of his litter. He went to a foster home at the age of 2 days old! The shelter found the mom a few months later. He is now 7 months old, and he has fully adapted to our home. It took a few days to adjust, because he had been with his foster mommy for over 6 months, but he’s turned out to be a great companion, just like his adoptive sister Munchkin. There was a bit of hissing in the beginning, a sometimes when they play, but they seem to get along just fine.

Having 2 cats keeps it very alive, and we actually couldn’t get much sleep for awhile because they were very active at night! It’s gotten better over the past couple days since we close the door to our bedroom and they seem to now understand that it’s our place and time to sleep. Usually by 4-5am they get hungry and we feed them and let the door open, and they are a lot mellower and sleep on the bed with us.

But they also keep each other company, and I think it makes it much easier. We are so very proud of our fur babies. 🙂 Petits Pawz is an amazing shelter, so if you are looking to adopt a cat in the Montreal area, you should look them up.


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